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CPPPaP offers its clients :

■ complex psychological and special - pedagogical diagnosis , advice on education , training , personal and professional development of children ,

■ advice on personal development : diagnostic and causes of behavioral disorders of children and youth with an outlet into concrete proposals for individual educational access to individuals in the family and at school ,

■ counseling in the educational development of : diagnosing and causes of school failure with an outlet to the draft resolution,

■ development of professional advice : alignment study and career aspirations with his personality and cognitive prerequisites for an adequate choice of future profession ,

■ reeducation and professional psychotherapeutic care , finding gifted and talented children and youth and guiding their personal development ,

■ counseling for teachers , guardian of children and youth

■ preventive education and psychological care for children and youth with behavioral ,

■ professional assistance to children and youth from socially or educationally backward deprived environment with impaired psycho-social development ,

■ orientation in the correct understanding of the protection of children and youth from the negative socio - pathological phenomena as well as the attitude of parents and children with problems

■ Cooperation parent coordinator , classroom teacher , educational consultant ,

■ individual educational and psychological care ,

■ complete preventive care ,

■ psychological training and methodical events in the socio - pathological phenomena